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Whimsicool Toadstool Acrylic Stand


Exclusive to V-tuber fans, the Whimsicool Toadstool Acrylic Stand is a standout piece for any collection. Precision-crafted from high-quality acrylic, it features a captivating toadstool design that showcases your favorite V-Tuber. With dimensions of 13.5CM/5.3″ by 17CM/6.7″, it’s perfectly sized for desks or shelves, adding a unique touch to your space. Ideal for collectors seeking unique V-tuber merchandise.

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Image is currently concept art and is not entirely representative of the end product. Minor changes in design might happen. Will be colored in and shaded.

Dive into the enchanting universe of V-tuber fandom with our Whimsicool Toadstool Acrylic Stand. This exclusive merchandise piece beautifully captures the whimsical essence associated with our beloved V-Tuber. Crafted with precision from crystal-clear acrylic, it is durable and elegant, perfect for displaying your V-tuber admiration.


  • Dimensions: With a neat card size of 13.5CM/5.3″ by 17CM/6.7″, akin to a PlayStation game case, it fits seamlessly into any space dedicated to your collection.
  • Clear-Cut Acrylic: Made from high-quality, transparent acrylic, this stand offers both sturdiness and clarity, ensuring your toadstool design remains the centerpiece of attention.
  • Easy Assembly: Comes with a precut base and stand, designed for hassle-free setup, allowing you to showcase your V-tuber support instantly.
  • Exclusive Design: This toadstool-themed acrylic stand is a must-have for collectors and fans alike, offering a unique piece that stands out in any V-tuber merchandise collection.

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13.5CM/5.3" by 17CM/6.7"




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