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IP Guidelines


In short, we encourage creative freedom for anyone, while it being respectful, reformative, and non-commercial. Any creation needs to comply with your local laws, the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17), and the Dutch Copyright Act (Auteurswet).

References for said acts and laws can be found here;
Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17)
The Dutch Copyright Act (Auteurswet)
In regards to your local law, you should contact your local representatives for more information.

As long as you follow said laws, acts, and guidelines, you are free to openly create in any shape or form.
We reserve the right to deny anyone the use of AVRMV owned IPs at any given time, regardless of reasoning. This is including but is not limited to our decisions, at our discretion, that the usage of any AVRMV owned IP is used in a way that we do not appreciate. When given notice of the said decision, you are legally required to stop developing, publishing, and distributing any AVRMV owned IP creations.

Guidelines Subject to Change

These guidelines are subject to change and will be changed when deemed necessary. Changes in said guidelines will apply proactively to current and future creations. Any changes are not required to be announced, as we deem it your own responsibility to stay up to date with our guidelines.

Commercial Use of IPs

Commercial use of IPs can be licensed. In Limited form, we will license the required IP in exchange for currency, royalties, or any other form of payment, or all combined. For more information, please contact us.

Non-Commercial Use of IPs

Non-Commercial use of IPs (i.e. derivative works) is required to uphold previously mentioned laws and guidelines. We do not require compensation. Understand that any derivative work or non-commercial use of IPs is voluntary and shall not receive compensation from us.

IP’s Exceptions for Commercial Use

We have or might make certain IPs available for public use. These IPs are allowed to be used with limited conditions.

Music on Streaming Platforms

The music released by AVRMV for any of the AVRMV Talents, not limited to either produced by AVRMV or the Talent, are available for any individual to use as they are royalty and DMCA strike free on streams and videos. Derivatives (remixes, covers, etc.) are only allowed to be published non-commercially unless properly licensed by AVRMV. Once licensed, derivatives of music/compositions are allowed to be published commercially in exchange for a percentage of royalties. Usage of our compositions in streams (i.e. Twitch or YouTube) or videos (i.e. YouTube or TikTok) are allowed to be published commercially. However, we reserve the right to deny any one of the commercial usages of the compositions when deemed necessary by AVRMV.

Any inquiries in regards to IP Exceptions can be solved by contacting us.

Usage of Secondary Creations and/or Derivatives

When the author of the secondary creation(s) and/or derivative(s) publish any creations containing AVRMV IPs, altered or unaltered, the author agrees to allow AVRMV and any third parties and/or representatives of AVRMV to use said creations and/or derivatives without any restrictions and free of charge.

NSFW (Not Safe For Work) Content

NSFW content (Including but not limited to nudity or sexually suggestive works) is only allowed to be published non-commercially. IPs that can be considered underage with reasonable understanding should never be sexualized, regardless if the Talent behind said IP is at or above legal age. We have zero tolerance for any content that depicts underaged characters in a sexual way. This includes sexualized Lolis and Shouta, whether human or non-human, and is not limited to any other characters depicted alongside our IP.

Usage of AVRMV Logos or Trademarks

To keep authority clear, we kindly ask you to not use our logos and/or trademarks unless explicit permission has been granted.

Misconduct of IPs

Any acts of fraud or threats against AVRMV, third parties, and representatives (i.e. Talents) will be acted on accordingly by reaching out to the authorities.

Any impersonations or misrepresentations of AVRMV, third parties, and representatives (i.e. Talents) will be acted on accordingly by reaching out to the authorities.


AVRMV is not and will not be liable or assume responsibility for any but not limited to problems and controversy that may arise from secondary creations and/or derivative works.

Last Revision: 16th of February 2022