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Kaiya Bell 500 Limited Edition Dakimakura


Sold out!

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The Kaiya Bell Limited Edition Dakimakura!

Only 4 in existence. Viewers had the chance to win this specific dakimakura during Kaiya Bell’s 500 followers subathon.

Sadly you can’t order this product. However! We will have another dakimakura release soon!

Images of the dakimakura will be added once dakimakura has been sent out to the winners.

Using a 2 Way Tricot textile, the dakimakura is smooth to the touch, elastic, and prevents most wrinkles, and this makes the dakimakura very durable. 2 Way Tricot is highly regarded as the best material for a body pillow/dakimakura by many anime/manga fans!

This dakimakura/body pillow was made for the 500 followers subathon. Kaiya’s viewers Reached all the stretch goals and managed it from 1 dakimakura to 4 dakimakura. All of these have been sent over and received for free by the winners!

The response of the winners has been amazing! They specifically pointed out how soft it is and that they love the design.

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2Way Tricot


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