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Our Talents

Kaiya Bell

14 September 2021

What do we do?

Insight, statistics and guidance

When we say “all-inclusive” we mean it!

With over a decade worth of Social Media experience, we are able to provide Talents insight, statistics and guidance.

We continue to offer Talents creative freedom over their V-Tubing efforts while providing our tools and experience to better serve them.

Insight, statistics and guidance

But, we don’t stop there! We also supply full streaming designs including 3D Avatars, personal music, and many other streaming assets.

Insight, statistics and guidance

Interested in music and video creation? We cover that! We make sure that Talents have a library of music to stream safely with by arranging and producing music for them, fitting to their personality.

If the Talent happens to be quite the maestro themselves, we are more than happy to assist them to flourish.

Insight, statistics and guidance

TL;DR – not only do we give you original character design, graphics and music, we also intend to help you with reaching out to brands, planning your streams and giving technical assistance and advice!

Reach out to us!